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Son of a Lutheran minister in southern China and brought up in poverty and unimaginable hardship before and during the Second World War, Uncle Joe made himself into a Hong Kong industrial icon as he became the manufacturer of most of the world’s Star Wars action figures in the last quarter of the 20th century. Yet his “joy of living” rests on his untiring consumption of cha shao. Uncle Joe said: “Is there a better existence than enjoying great food every day? I am in my nineties, maybe cha shao gave me my long life, good health and good fortune.” The amount of char shao he can devour in one sitting would astonish many men decades younger.

Our casual dining concept is inspired by Uncle Joe’s passion for food while living the good life. He would like to share his appreciation of Hong Kong culinary art with friends everywhere. Uncle Joe’s, a Hong Kong Bistro should be proof that casual dining can be culinary art too. Our proprietary recipes and our commitment to authenticity is the incomparable quality of our brand.

This restaurant concept is a heart-felt tribute to an extraordinary man’s good taste for life and for food, created by his four sons, all physicians and surgeons in the
United States.

To Good Health! Bon Appétit!